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10 Frauds Planning An Nfl Draft Party
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Medical Beds for Home Care

Why do I need to know about hospital beds?

A hospital bed might be required in case you or a family member is ill or recovering from

an illness at home.  You can purchase or rent a hospital bed at medical supply

shops.  Most hospital beds resemble a twin mattress made of thick metallic parts.  The

bed has moveable side railings.  Hand cranks or electricity may be used to change

positions of the bed.  Speak with your healthcare provider about what kind of mattress

is ideal for you or your family member.

What kinds of hospital beds are available?


Hospital beds will need to be moved or corrected by using hand cranks.  This might be

challenging if you have limited hand or arm strength.  If you cannot do

this, you will need to ask a person to help you.  The cranks are located in the

foot or head of their bed.  Manual beds might not move to as many places as

electrical beds. 




Hospital beds could be transferred or corrected by pushing buttons.  These beds may be a lot easier to use.  An electric bed has a motor and a cord to plug into an

electric outlet.  There is a hand control pad hooked to the mattress which may look

like a tv remote control.   Many people like an electric bed because the positions of the bed can be changed readily 

What kind of mattress should I use?  You will find foam, atmosphere, and gel mattresses available. Some mattresses can lower pressure on certain areas of the entire body and also help prevent pressure sores

You can purchase or rent the mattress in precisely the exact same supply store where you purchase or rent the bed.  The mattress usually comes with a watertight cover.  You might need different pads or bed attachments. 


How do I safely use a hospital bed

Maintain the wheels of the mattress in the locked position at all times.  Unlock the wheels only if the bed has to be moved.  When the bed is moved into place, lock the wheels again. 


Place a bell and a phone within reach of the mattress.  These should be available so that you can call for assistance when needed. 


Leave the side rails up at all times except when you get in and out of bed.  You may require a footstool near the bed.  Use a night light if you need to get out of bed at



Put the learn how to use the hand control and clinic moving the mattress into different positions.  Test the bed’s panel and hand controls to be sure the bed is functioning correctly.  You may be able to lock the positions so the bed cannot be adjusted.

Follow the specific manufacturer’s directions for using the mattress.   Call the bed manufacturer or another professional if you smell burning or hear unusual sounds coming from the bed. Do not use the bed if there is a burning smell coming out of it.  Telephone if the mattress controls are not working properly to change positions of the bed. 


When you adjust any portion of the mattress, it should move freely.  The mattress needs to extend to its full duration and adjust to any position.  Do not set the hand control or power cords through the bed rails. 

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