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Bed Guards

Bed Guards

Bed railings are utilized by a lot of people to help develop a sleeping environment that is supportive and assistive in residential care facilities, assisted living facilities and homes. This kind of gear has many names that are popular, including grownup mobile bed railings, and help bars, bed side rails, half railings, safety rails, bed handles, side rails, or grab bars, and hospital bed railings to name a few.

Consumers shopping on websites can purchase many mobile bed railing products with no prescription and with no recommendation of a doctor. Other forms of bed railings are subject to FDA supervision and thought to be medical devices.

All bed rails ought to be utilized with caution, particularly with elderly adults and individuals with specific health conditions, physical limits and altered mental status.

Do you know the various kinds of bed railings?

There isn’t any standard definition for bed rails, however they usually are split into three different kinds: mobile bedrails used for kids, mobile bed railings for grownups, and hospital bed rails which can be attached to your hospital or medical bed.

The term “adult bed railing(s)” refers to any or all kinds as well as varieties of adult mobile bed rails; it doesn’t contain railings made for special medical and hospital beds or bed rails used for kids ages 2-5.

Grownup Mobile Bed Rails: A portable bed rail is any bed railing apparatus that’s attachable and removable from a bed, not designed by the original bed manufacturer, and is installed on or utilized over the side of a bed. These railings are employed on beds designed for consumers and are meant to 1) reduce the hazard of falling from your bed, 2) help the user in repositioning in the bed, or 3) help the customer in transitioning into or from the bed. Mobile bed railings for grownups are found in lots of distinct settings like homes, assisted living residences, and long-term care facilities.

Hospital Bed Railings: These bed rails are thought to be either part of or an accessory to some hospital bed or alternative FDA-regulated bed. They are viewed as medical devices.

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